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It is the season for celebrating, isn’t it?  Whether it’s a graduation, a wedding, a shower, or just having fun in the sun there is always room for special drinks!  My husband and I came up with this punch recipe together and served it at our kids end of the year school celebration, it was a hit.  We modeled off of the alcoholic drink, a mojito, but left the rum out of course (it was a preschool through first grade party!)  I wanted a punch  that tasted fresh and looked like summer, this punch fulfilled both requirements.  To top it off, the kids and adults loved it, I was satisfied.

The key to this punch is using fresh lime juice and fresh mint leaves that have been muddled.  To get the most juice from our limes, before juicing roll them on the counter a few times and then place each lime in the microwave for about 10 seconds.  This helps to release the juices.  To muddle mint you put it in a glass or a bowl and smash it with a pestle, muddler, or the end of a rolling pin or thick handled spoon.  Breaking the mint up like this releases the flavor and makes the punch so much better than if you simply chop it.

So next time you want to serve something that looks fancy to a group of people give this a try.  If you want an extra special twist serve the punch with an ice ring (or regular ice cubes) that have mint leaves, lime slices, and raspberries frozen into them!

  • 1 cup fresh lime juice (7-8 limes)
  • 60 mint leaves, chopped and muddled
  • 2 1/2 liters sparkling water (lime flavored or plain)
  • 1 1/3 cups sugar
  • 2 1/2 liters water
  • Lime slices and raspberries (garnish)

Mojito Punch

Juice the limes, as described above, and pour into a large punch bowl.  In a large glass or a bowl muddle the mint.  Add the mint to the punch bowl.

Stir in the sparkling water and sugar.  Mix until the sugar is dissolved.  Add 2 liters of water and taste for sweetness.  Add remaining water until you have reached your desired sweetness.

Top with ice, lime slices, and fresh raspberries.