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Why do I cook?  Well, I love to create in the kitchen, but I also need to feed all the wonderful people to see pictured above!  I have 4 kids who are all less than 5 years apart, they came every 18 months!  In the midst of pregnancies and babies I developed a real passion to be in my kitchen.  I jokingly say it’s because the kitchen is the only place I can go where everything listens and most things make sense.  I find peace and quiet in the kitchen, even when my house is crazy (which most of the time it is!)  For some reason I can deal with all of it better when I am giving myself kitchen time.  Crazy I know, but it is the real truth.

My amazing husband of almost 10 years is Brandon.  He is my number one fan, for sure!  He loves to sample my creations and offers great feedback and advice.  Maybe one day he’ll be a guest contributor, he knows how to grill and smoke some mean meat!

Zachary is my oldest at 8 years old.  He loves to complement and eat my creations.  He is usually up for trying anything, although he doesn’t like tomatoes, cucumbers, or mushrooms…at least not yet!

Zoey is 6 years old.  She has just recently discovered that she likes being in the kitchen with me.  It is a challenge to let someone into my space, but a real blessing to teach her  what I am up to.  She loves to eat fruits and vegetable and would probably be happy living in a vegetarian home!

Ally is 5.  She doesn’t care much for dinner (unless it’s pizza or chicken legs) but loves breakfast and lunch.  She will eat anything sweet or full of carbs.  She really doesn’t like soup, casseroles, or anything else where the food is mixed together!

Austin is the baby at 3 years old.  He is a big eater and is happy to “lick the spoon”!  He loves to eat just about anything before 4pm.  What a snacker I have on my hands!

And then there’s me.  I love my family and my food.  It brings joy to my heart to watch them gobble up my recipes.  The compliments and smiles make the big pile of dishes sitting in the sink worth it!

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