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I whole heartedly believe that the food you make only tastes as good as the ingredients you start with.  It took me awhile to realize how strongly these two were connected, duh right?, but now that I get it, I really get it!  So please know that when using my recipes your final outcome will be directly affected by what you start with.

I haven’t always been this way, it’s been a journey of learning about food.  I started to really taste the difference in my food based on what I used and what kind of ingredients I bought.  So I started researching, learning, and educating myself on what is happening to our food, wow, I learned so much and life has changed a lot as a result!  I challenge you to take the time to read about where our food is coming from and what is happening to it, I know you’ll be convinced too!  Some of the documentaries that changed our life were: Forks over Knifes; Food Inc.; Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead; Food Matters; Beautiful Truth; King Corn; and the list could go on.  There are also hundreds of good articles to be read on the subject.  Check it out, you might be sorry!

In my house we use exclusively farm fresh or organic meat products and 85% organic or farm fresh produce, as well as many, many other natural and organic products.  I know it costs more, I know some people don’t “believe” in organic, but I whole heartedly do, I can taste the difference and when I eat it or feed it to my family my conscience isn’t tugging on me, so I feel better and feeling better makes food taste better!  So add what you want when you’re using my recipes, but just know that I am putting in the best quality ingredients I can afford at the time.

Need some more evidence on why to eat farm fresh or organic?

A FEW links that JUST scratch the surface:

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The “Dirty Dozen” and “Clean Fifteen” A guide to use when deciding what produce to buy organic

Where do I shop for most of my food?

Azure Standard is a bulk natural and organic food company that delivers to a “drop point” near your house once a month.

Trader Joe’s is a great place for healthy snacks, sauces, and a lot of organic “staples,” plus lots more fun stuff!

Costco carries so many organic items now!

And finally our local coop and the “regular” grocery store!