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I love this blog.  It brings joy to my heart to create and share what I make with others.  BUT I don’t want to be “ruled” by it.  Right now I am feeling guilty because I haven’t made a post, I feel like I am letting my readers down, for this I am sorry.  I have been in the kitchen but one of two things keeps happening.

1. I haven’t created anything new that is worth sharing with you…or

2.  What I’ve made is wonderful but I don’t have the time to type out the multiple steps it takes to explain to you how to recreate it.

So the blog sits quiet…

But please know I am busy cooking and trying hoping to share with you soon.  I am also enjoying time with my kids and letting them help me in the kitchen (when this happens less “blog worthy” items are created!)  I hope you take time to try some recipes from my archives, I’ve been making quite a few these last couple weeks and really enjoying them.  Happy cooking to you all!

Here is Zoey’s first cake, a carrot cake for her bunny Cuddles’ first birthday!  Can you see how proud of herself she is?  We had a great time making it using one of her “just for kids recipes” and I’m enjoying watching her fall in love with being in the kitchen!