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My baby girl turned 5 last week!  We enjoyed celebrating her with friends and family.  I can’t quite wrap my mind around the fact that she is 5 (but I say this each and every time one of my kids has a birthday!)

This year she wanted a movie party, so we decided to make her a “Bag of Popcorn” cake.  My husband is the cake decorator, I just help with the ideas and do the baking and frosting making.  We are a good team.  He has made lots of fun cake over the years, it is a tradition my kids look forward to all year!

This year we decided to make a cupcake cake.  The kind decorated to look like a cake, but underneath it is just a bunch of cupcakes.  I used my favorite Yellow Birthday Cupcake Recipe and it turned out great.  Ally was surprised by the design, but loved having actual popcorn on her cake, it was a hit!